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Life expectancy, toenail growth, sneezing, world strength records, competitive games, mysteries –all interest middle school students. The Math Behind You applies the theme “Who Are You?” as a motivator for students to learn more about themselves – using problems from the math curriculum. Those math activities integrate NCTM algebra standards for grades 6-8:

*Represent situations using algebraic expressions, variables, and symbols
*Generate and solve equations using addition and subtraction
*Generate and solve equations using multiplication and division
*Generate and solve problems using algebraic inequalities
*Identify coordinate points that are solutions of an equation
*Model problems using graphic representations
*Select appropriate methods and tools for developing and solving problems accurately
*Represent and analyze patterns graphically
*Connect and use mathematical ideas to communicate information.

Use math activities with whole or small groups or as anchor. The activities offer practical application problems, and extensions give teachers additional problem-centered activities to draw from.

The theme “Who Are You?” links to activities in language arts, social studies and science. aligned with universal content standards

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