Teaching Thinking Skills 5-6 – E-Book

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Teach students to master the 6 levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy while teaching reading comprehension using high-interest narratives. Readability grade levels have been calibrated for each of the 30 selections from just below 5th grade to just above 6th grade. Practicing these reading comprehension test simulations helps prepare students for high-stakes testing. Students also learn to identify, using key words, what kinds of answers test questions are looking for and can identify questions at each level of Bloom’s Taxonomy applying that knowledge to other curriculum subject areas. All levels of Bloom’s are included, with an emphasis on application and analysis questions.

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2 reviews for Teaching Thinking Skills 5-6 – E-Book

  1. Loyal Customer

    “The guides introducing each article provide teachers with clear-cut ideas for utilizing Bloom’s Taxonomy…enabling students to be actively involved with a variety of thinking skills. Easy-to-read, age appropriate and interesting articles…the questions are provocative. The (student) feedback is a major strength of this series and should contribute to the mastery of learning to think in different ways.”
    -Dr. Jim Yarling, Professor Emeritus, University of West Florida

  2. Loyal Customer

    “These books offer clear help for teachers who want to challenge their students to engage in higher-level thinking. The articles are engaging … the questions and activities are designed to elicit careful reading and thinking. Bringing this about in the classroom is not easy. These books provide very useful tools.”
    -Dr. Tom S. Schroeder, Associate Dean Emeritus, Teachers College, Ball State Univ.

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