Doing Differentiation! Using Bloom’s Taxonomy – Research


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Doing Differentiation! Bloom’s Taxonomy Guided Lessons and Activities

The materials contained in this supplemental unit can be used to provide differentiation for students in grades 3-8 and with simple modification at other grade levels. This UNIT is a Differentiated Bloom’s Taxonomy Guided Unit and can easily be used to develop RIGOR in a lesson or activity. The UNIT contains each LEVEL of the Taxonomy designed to be used with students. Each LEVEL contains the KEY words that demonstrate the RIGOR at the LEVEL along with activities for students.

The activities at each LEVEL are divided into two categories – INVESTIGATIONS and ACTIONS. INVESTIGATIONS allow students to investigate the learning LEVEL and answer discussion questions at that LEVEL. ACTIONS allow students to take action to learn at that particular LEVEL of the TAXONOMY.

The Bloom’s Taxonomy LEVELS are color coded for easy use and contain designated symbol pictures.

This unit can be used (individually or in groups) as any or all of the following: Supplemental Learning, Enrichment Learning, Accelerated Learning, Remediation Learning, Independent Learning, and/or a Learning Center.