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The Questivities™ (Questioning Activities) format consists of an interdisciplinary Project Activity and a series of Thinking Questions that stimulate creative and critical thinking and give practice in research skills. Students who answer the Questivities™ Thinking Questions before doing the Project Activity create projects that reflect higher levels of thinking, more creativity, and more evidence of research.

Questivities™ incorporate Learning Modalities, Learning Styles, Bloom’s Taxonomy , and Multiple Intelligences. Questivities™ are written on a user-friendly one page form. The form has the following elements:

-Project Activity that provides the focus for the Questivities™
-Learning Modality
-Learning Style
-Bloom’s Taxonomy Level
-Multiple Intelligences
-Assessment (Mini-Rubric and/or Criteria Card) for the Project Activity
-Questivities™ Thinking Questions
-Active Question

Components: Each packet of Questivities™ contains 12 completed Questivities™ correlated to national science/social studies standards plus 14 Project Activity Starters you can use to write your own. The Individualized Lesson Plan (ILP™) accommodates all learning styles and modalities and provides for a variety of student choices within the unit of study. The Assessment Criteria is a checklist for formative assessment, provides accountable, tangible criteria against which all types of products can be graded and evaluated, and helps explain and interpret project grades to parents and students. The Project Question focuses on the essential question(s) answered through doing the project activities. The Questivities™ Thinking Questions are starter questions. They will motivate students to brainstorm or research answers and think more deeply about the project activity. The Active Question promotes thinking skills. Students choose the activities they would like to do. The Criteria Cards are short, easily understandable lists of criteria that need to be included in a completed product or performance.

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