Design DI: How to Differentiate for Overexcitabilities


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by Dr. Carrie Simpson

Overexcitabilities are prevalent in our children, but often, our instruction does not address these OEs. This book utilizes the research of Kazimierz Dabrowski (Overexcitabilities) and of Carol Tomlinson (Differentiation) to determine specific instructional ways to address the needs of learners with OEs. With strategic differentiation and OEs at the forefront in strategic lesson design, we can better serve our students. Differentiation for overexcitabilities is one way to apply to tents of differentiation for a sub-population of learners. Design DI: Differentiation for Overexcitabilities guides teachers in the research on OEs, the positive aspects of these OEs and offers model lessons that are differentiated for each OE.



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