Higher Order Literacy: Engaging Readers in Grades 4-9



by Dr. Keith Polette

This book is predicated upon the premise that children learn most effectively and efficiently by becoming active participants in the process of reading and comprehending. Quite simply, this means that children learn least when they sit passively for hours and read and respond to material in which they are not both mentally and emotionally engaged. One approach which allows and encourages children to become more involved in learning is what this book is all about: Higher Order Literacy. Higher Order Literacy is not a system, or a specific set of strategies, but it is rather a different kind of educational orientation which places the student at the center of the learning situation. Consequently, Higher Order Literacy relies heavily upon the perceptions and experiences that the student brings to the classroom every day since these experiences are the base upon which reading engagement and comprehension are built.

978-1- 63279-067- 5


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