Challenging Puzzles: Human Body


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These critical and creative reasoning problems using the required curriculum in any subject are challenging and fun. When deductive and creative thinking puzzles are linked to content they can be used to: – teach facts
– teach content vocabulary
– reinforce research skills
– motivate students

Critical and creative reasoning puzzles can be used as curriculum extensions and as anchor activities in the differentiated classroom, for pre and post testing, or as an introduction to a new unit.

The puzzles are based on a Science standard that requires the student to use essential Science skills. They are correlated to both National Science Education Standards and Texas Standards, TEKS.

Puzzles can be completed by individuals or small groups, placed in learning centers, or used as a presentation to the entire class using teacher-made transparencies.

Challenging Puzzles: Human Body includes a Scientific Method chapter in addition to the following types of critical and creative reasoning puzzles, some of which require research.

– Wuzzles – visual thinking activities
-Problems, Puzzles and Posers
-I HAVE . . .WHO HAS? Vocabulary Puzzle
-Categories Game
-Word Ladders
-How Observant Are You?
-Matrix Logic Puzzles
-Quotes in Code
-Sudoku Puzzles

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