A Novel Approach…


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A Novel Approach…Differentiated Activities for Any Novel by Deborah Reidy

Literature is an appropriate place to offer differentiation in the classroom. Students come to class with a wide range of reading readiness, interests, and learning styles. However, it is often difficult for a teacher to prepare multiple lessons to meet all of those needs. The activities in this book are designed to help with that process. Each chapter contains practical suggestions and activity sheets that can be used with any novel. This allows the teacher to create groups in a variety of ways. There are also suggestions for whole group instruction, book reports, and independent reading. All of the teaching strategies and activities can be easily adapted to any novel, ones already in the grade-level curriculum or new books that the teacher wants to add.

Any teacher who wants to differentiate reading instruction will find a use for these lessons. They offer simple ways to assign meaningful work that is appropriate for each child. They also provide a variety of ideas to quickly and easily create reading lessons that the students will enjoy and from which they will benefit.

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