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Performance Tasks for High Ability Middle School Students – Math

by Carolyn Stamm

In a “teach to the test” world, how can we ensure that we are allowing our students to demonstrate true understanding and meaning of our content, not just asking them to demonstrate the ability to recall facts? What’s the best way to reach our bright learners and get them engaged? Incorporate performance tasks from Task Masters! into your curriculum!

A performance task is an open-ended assessment based on authentic tasks requiring students to take a role and demonstrate their understanding by applying their knowledge to a real world situation while solving real problems. Working on a performance task from Task Masters! gives your scholars the opportunity to solve, create, and demonstrate what they know, understand, and can do.

Incorporating performance tasks from Task Masters! helps your students create meaningful work by discovering a direct connection between content and student performance. Performance tasks from Task Masters! contain high level, differentiated, rigorous and relevant instruction. Performance tasks on many middle school content topics are included in Task Masters! along with generic and specific rubrics. All activities are CCSS aligned!

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