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Challenging GLYH-Making Activities
In Language Arts, Math, Science & Social Studies

by Author and Educational Consultant Laura Magner

These 21 standards-based research activities challenge students to use multiple research techniques and resources. Students read non-fiction texts, use an atlas, utilize both print and electronic encyclopedias, measure, calculate, select appropriate materials, and synthesize data.

Students then take the gathered information and create a new product – a collage, a poster, a drawing, a model, an advertisement, flag, or map – whose specifications are satisfied when each “GLYPH” (derived from hieroglyphics meaning piece or symbol) direction is followed.

While working to complete cross-curricular “GLYPH” activities, students gain practice related to many language, math, social studies and science educational standards.

Use these “GLYPHS” as an introduction to research before you require a larger, more traditional research project!

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