Power Up Your Creative Mind

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  • What will it take to successfully prepare our students for the challenges of the 21st century?
  • How can we help them "Power Up" their creative minds?

Learning and innovation skills increasingly are being recognized as those that separate students who are prepared for a more complex life and work environment in the 21st century from those who are not prepared.
The Framework for 21st Century Learning developed a holistic vision of 21st Century teaching to effectively educate and prepare students for the challenges of the future. Mastering common core standards in the content areas forms the knowledge basis and the following skills from P21 can, at the same time, be integrated into curriculum.

  • Critical Thinking &Problem Solving   
  • Communication
  • Collaboration                   
  • Creativity & Innovation

Power Up Your Creative Mind guides you in the preparation of the classroom environment and the  integration of the elements of creativity into the content lessons that are aligned to the common core standards using:

  • Creative connections,
  • Multiple pathways to learning,
  • Innovative instructional strategies that engage students in 21st Century Learning, and
  • Responsive learning environments that value creativity and innovation.

Over 100 curriculum activities include these topics:

  • Creating a Responsive Learning Environment
  • Understanding Brain Power and Brain Dominance
  • Relaxation Strategies
  • Visualization Techniques
  • Creative Thinking Tools including Brainstorming and SCAMPER

Sample Pages
clc0499 visualization activity.pdf
clc0499 relaxation activity.pdf
clc0499 table of contents.pdf
clc0499 responsive classroom checklist.pdf
clc0499 creative thinking myths.pdf


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