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Writing Activities to Enhance Middle School Mathematics

Math the Write Way offers a venue for introducing writing into the mathematics classroom. Although the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics advocates writing in the mathematics environment, little more than story problems are presented in the way of writing in most classes. Research repeatedly demonstrates the potential benefits of writing in the mathematics classroom: many types of writing activities improve student achievement.

Math the Write Way provides a variety of ready-to-use, easily implemented, motivating activities to engage students in writing in the math classroom.

It provides content-specific writing activities, vocabulary activities, quick writes, generic writing activities to be used at any time throughout the year, and numerous ideas in each chapter that can be reused or reshaped to fit any middle school mathematics curriculum. Activities involve:

* Whole Numbers & Decimals
* Fractions & Number Theory
* Integers & Rational Numbers
* Expressions & Equations
* Ratio, Proportion & Percent
* Geometry & Measurement
* Statistics & Probability, and Data
* Analysis & Statistics

Use writing on a regular basis in your classroom to enhance student learning and reinforce mathematical concepts.

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