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Using Creative Thinking to Solve Real Problems

by Author and Educational Consultant Laura Magner

Creative thinking activities are not a frill in the curriculum. Creative thinking strategies are necessary for success in most careers of the 21st century – not only art, drama, and music, but in new technologies and innovations. And because the strategies are fun to experience, the brain retains the strategy to apply to future situations.

In Section One of The Creativity Tackle Box offers strategies, games, exercises, and tools to help students practice thinking more creatively. These activities practice Torrance’s, Williams’ and Wallas’ creativity components that help define the theory of creative thought:

*risk taking
*preparation (definition of issue, observation, and study)
*incubation (laying the issue aside for a time)
*illumination (the moment when a new idea finally emerges), and
*verification (checking it out)


Section Two offers real problems for students to solve in a creative way using strategies practiced in Section One. It is important for students to practice letting go, to feel free to take chances, to fail, and to try again. And not just in art class – in any class.

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  1. M. Kautz-Scanavy

    This resource is full of ideas to stretch and challenge your students’ minds. My students have thoroughly enjoyed the activities they have experienced from this book.

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