Brain Unit


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Bloom's Differentiated Enrichment Unit

Do you have students who are ready for enrichment, anchor activities, or independent study, but not ready to accelerate in a content area?

Engage them in our ready-to-use units that include differentiated activities keyed to Bloom’s Taxonomy. The accompanying rubric allows for ALL students to engage in an activity at EACH level of Bloom’s according to the criteria mastered on the rubric.

The unit includes teacher information, identified Common Core standards, explanations of the 6 Bloom’s levels and key words, 6 individual student activity cards correlated to the levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy, and sample Product Criteria Cards. Student cards include sample graphic organizers to guide students in completing their products.

Units provide for flexible grouping: students work individually, with partners, or in small groups.

Activities integrate reading, writing, social studies, science, and math with products in a variety of learning styles.

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