Product Criteria Cards – Revised and Expanded



Over 100
Product Criteria Cards for Easy-to-Follow Assessment

By Pieces of Learning’s Staff Development Presenters

Carolyn Coil and Dodie Merritt


How do you develop fair and clear assessment criteria without making the list of requirements too long?

How do you make sure your assessment criteria doesn’t emphasize product more than content?

Using Product Criteria Cards is the practical answer.

The products are divided into 4 learning modalities — verbal, visual, kinesthetic, and technological — with 28 products in each category. While each product is classified in one of these, many overlap and could be considered in more than one modality.

Each 8.5″ X 11″ colored card stock holds two cards that can be laminated for student use in a learning center or placed in a central location in the classroom for easy reference. They can also be printed for each student or made available technologically on individual student devices such as laptops, iPads, or mobile phones.

The criteria for each of the 112 products are written as questions. Before the student begins, while the student is working on, and after the student has completed the product, the card’s questions serve as a checklist of the product’s requirements and expectations. Additionally, they can be used by the teacher as one assessment element in a rubric and as part of the grade for the project.

Advantages of using Product Criteria Cards:

  • Regardless of the content area, the assessment criteria for the product are the same.
  • When all students know and understand the criteria for certain products and have Product Criteria Cards readily available for reference, assessment becomes more meaningful to the student.
  • Whether the teacher assigns the product or the student chooses the product, the teacher expectations are clear and consistent each time a particular product is chosen.

The online link will direct you to a document in WORD format that includes all the Product Criteria Cards, a blank card for designing your own, and a blank rubric form to use when including a Product Criteria Card in your rubric. The WORD files are customizable so you can modify, delete, or add your own criteria as well as design new product criteria cards.


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