Now What? Moral Dilemmas that Build Character


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Students read and role play 60+ contemporary "unfinished" moral dilemmas leaving the resolution up to your students. That leads into character-building discussion and writing activities that reinforce 30+ positive character traits. Character traits include . . .

kindness prudence responsibility sportsmanship
friendship forbearance loyalty honesty
courage cooperation teamwork pride
compassion sharing persistence generosity
optimism forgiveness intolerance fairness
tact conscience thoughtfulness gratitude
truthfulness unselfishness charitableness  

Each unit's 3 components are 1) an introductory story to be considered carefully, collectively or individually, before students attempt to finish it. The way it is resolved reflects students' thinking about the moral issue involved, building character. 2) A written activity is an important follow-up because it reinforces the character trait. The content offers many discussion opportunities. 3) The story and worksheet are reinforced by a second moral dilemma for class or homework. The goal is building student character by repetition – moral dilemma, reflection activity, and application of the character trait to a second story.

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