Conversations in History


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9 Important Historical Events and the People who Starred in Them

Nine historical scripts and accompanying standards-based critical thinking activities offer a unique way of“telling” American history. It is a creative, fun approach to the study of the events – the building blocks – of our country.

Several script characters are fictional in order to give students a better understanding of what happened; however most characters are real, reciting actual quotes. Teachers and students choose the level of involvement – students can read it individually as dialogue, present it as readers’ theater, or stage a play with props and costumes.

Accompanying each event are differentiated activities that include vocabulary, checking for comprehension, questions calling for critical thinking, suggestions for further research, creative activities, discussion,and debate, involving all learning styles.

Events include: American Revolution, War of 1812, Westward Expansion, Civil War, Spanish-American War, World War I and II, the Cold War and the Civil Rights Movement.

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