Morning Contracts – Skill Differentiation in Primary Classrooms


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Skill Differentiation in the Primary Classroom

* Following Directions.

* Practicing basic skills.

* Solving problems independently.

* Accomplishing a Task.

* Learning Responsibility.

Morning Contracts teaches K-2nd students those skills and motivates them to move to joyful learning activities in the content areas of math, reading, spelling, and writing.

Each week, to begin the morning routine, the teacher color codes student contract activities for each day. Students then move independently for materials, complete their assigned activities, and are then ready for whole or small group instruction, differentiated activities, or learning center experiences.

The CD is a full-color PDF file ready to print. There are 14 generic K-2nd contracts that the teacher can customize thus producing hundreds of variations from the 33 different types of activities and the 3 grade levels. Sample completed contracts demonstrate the versatility of the contracts.

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