Postcards from Doreen Cronin


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Postcards from Cronin explores the worlds of three zany insects and their diaries.  Diary of a Worm, Diary of a Fly, and Diary of a Spider give students an idea of the life of an insect, using the insect’s perspective.  Cronin both skillfully and comically presents facts about these insects, giving the world a chance to both fall in love with the tiny creatures while also learning to respect them.  

This unit uses thinking skills to challenge high ability learners and also allows for differentiation so that all students in the class may participate.  The activities included in Postcards from Cronin use Bloom’s Taxonomy of Cognitive Development, Williams’ Taxonomy of Creative Thought, Bob Eberle’s SCAMPER, Creative Problem Solving, research skills, cross-curricular activities, and synectics.

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