Landmark Grammar: Using Common Core Standards


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Even the most enthusiastic language arts students often stifle a yawn when the word “grammar” is uttered.  The challenge, then, is to acknowledge the current grammar “shortcuts” that students are using in their informal communications, while requiring that students understand and use correct, standard grammar in their formal writing.

The motivating and challenging Landmark Grammar activities
•    encourage your students to “think outside the box;”
•    teach interesting information and facts about landmarks that have astounded and awed millions of people across the world; and
•    provide practice of standard grammar rules in context.

Via informational text, students learn about awe-inspiring landmarks throughout the world during their grammar exercises. Information provided about the landmarks serves as a springboard for further social studies research.

The exercises are adaptable to students at many skill levels from upper elementary through junior high.  All activities are teacher-tested, time-tested and, most importantly, kid-tested! The skills are sequential and cumulative.  Students may be introduced to pronouns or capitalization rules in the early exercises, and they review and reinforce those skills as they progress through the book. 

This collection of exercises combines creative and divergent thinking strategies with grammar skills.  All activities align with the Common Core State Standards by applying a wide range of grammar skills to current English grammar rules. Emphasis is on grammar that is addressed in everyday writing and speaking as well as the skills that are tested on state and national examinations such as the SAT.

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