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What is genius?
Is it academic rigor combined with an inquisitive mind?
Is unusual expertise with the world of words and the ability to create new worlds of thought with a pen?
Is genius the ability to create music or masterpieces of art that need no translation to be enjoyed the world over?
Can genius be the unusual knack of combining things at hand in new ways to better our lives with marvelous inventions?

GENUINE GENIUSES answers all of these questions. As you take a leisurely stroll through the pages of a GALLERY OF GIFTED you will meet those who have earned the title of “Genius” in the fields of science, invention, literature, music, and art. Not all were academically talented. Not all showed their genius at a young age.

The true genius of many was not recognized during their lifetimes, yet each has earned his or her place in history. Here is your opportunity to spend a brief moment with over 125 of the greatest geniuses who ever lived.

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