Choice and Challenge


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When your students have finished a classroom task, whether it is a reading test, a writing assignment, a page in the textbook, or a project, do they sit and do “nothing” or cause classroom management situations while you work with other students? How do you address their behavior?

The authors answer this question by providing descriptions and directions for 27 anchor activities to implement and modify for your students. Each activity is aligned to the ELA Common Core Anchor Standards and Mathematical Practices. In addition, they provide both choice and challenge because they are also identified by the 6 levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Because anchor activities should provide both a choice and a challenge, the activities in this book are
• engaging
• encourage matching students’ independent work levels
• support key skills that students need to practice
• foster thinking skills that support general classroom instruction
• are self-checking when possible

But before you offer these activities to your students, the authors initially answer these questions for you –
• What is an anchor activity?
When should I use an anchor activity?
• What makes a GOOD anchor activity?
How many anchor activities should I provide?
Who should engage in anchor activities?
• What kind of recordkeeping should I do?

Sample Pages
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