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Explorations in Science


Independent Literacy Projects for Gifted and High-Ability Students – Each two-page Exploration provides students an opportunity to dig deeply into an interesting extension topic tied to national standards. Thoughtful, rigorous “Important Questions” direct the study and are incorporated into the project. Each Exploration guides the student through the research process and project completion.


Go the Extra SMILE!

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Go the Extra Smile is a must-have resource for teachers seeking motivational ideas and innovative lessons that can be implemented right away. This book is packed with practical ways to create a positive environment that kids will love to learn in.  From strengthening your home-school connections to encouraging kids to take creative risks, you are sure to find something to add to your bag of tricks for a successful school year.

Stress Workbook for G/T Teens


The Stress Workbook for Gifted and Talented Teens contains five separate modules of activity-based handouts that will help teens learn more about themselves while learning to cope more effectively with stress in their lives. These modules serve as avenues for self-reflection and group experiences revolving around topics of importance. The activities in this workbook are user-friendly and varied to provide a comprehensive way of exploring, understanding, and dealing with a variety of stressors experienced by gifted and talented teens.