Serving the Needs of Intellectually Adv. Math Students – E-Book


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The author focuses first on the characteristics of these learners, as distinguished from academically advanced mathematics students, and then suggests how to optimize learning for these students of advanced intellect.

Intellectually advanced mathematics students think in an efficient manner, think creatively, and/or have capabilities of extremely high levels of success in mathematical problem solving. Mathematical problem solving appears to be a consistent central component of learning in countries that typically outperform the US in international comparisons. Neglecting these students, and the essential problem solving component in mathematics instruction, does no favors to our society, as government and industry will be forced to recruit mathematicians from other countries.

To that end, the author presents both an intriguing discussion of questions and answers about how advanced mathematics students think mathematically and measures that can be taken to develop their mathematics skills and talent in a comprehensive manner consistent with expectations outlined in Principles and Standards for School Mathematics (NCTM, 2000) and Common Core State Standards (2011).

Topics in this research-based book include:

  • cognitive characteristics
  • identification techniques
  • affect
  • creativity
  • in-class approaches
  • out of class approaches
  • mathematical problem solving
  • vocabulary germane to the topics
  • researched references.

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