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Higher-level thinking is strengthened, enhanced, and improved for all students using Challenging Puzzles: Life Science. Like any good puzzle, these thinking activities stretch the brain. They can be used to teach facts, teach content vocabulary, and reinforce research skills. Use as curriculum extensions and anchor activities in the differentiated class or as an introduction to a new unit.

Teach systematic thinking to help students avoid skipping steps in their thinking, to reinforce critical reading, problem solving, and higher order thinking skills, to develop organizational, analytical, and evaluative skills, to challenge, and to motivate.

Each book begins with puzzles featuring the Scientific Method and then focuses on Life Science. All puzzles are correlated to TEKS and National Science Standards. Enrichment Puzzles include:

I Have . . . Who Has?
Word Ladders
Matrix Logic Puzzles
Categories Game
Sudoku Puzzles
Problems, Puzzles & Posers
Quotes in Code

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