Sally Walker, Ph.D.

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Sally Yahnke Walker, Ph.D., is a consultant, an educator, an advocate for gifted children, and the Executive Director for the Illinois Association for Gifted Children. She has piloted programs to create a broad-based level of support for talented students in public school districts, provided in-service training for teachers, and facilitated workshops for parents of gifted children.

Sally’s background includes classroom teacher, a Professor at Rockford College, a Professor at Rock Valley College, Former Chairman of the State Task Force on Early Identification and Intervention of Young Gifted, as well as an author.

Staff Development Topics:
  • One Size Does Not Fit All – Differentiated Instruction 
  • Critical and Creative Thinking Extensions for the Classroom 
  • Parallel Curriculum 
  • Assessment: Education’s Bottom Line 
  • Classroom Differentiation for the Young Gifted Child 
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Sally is the author/co-author of the following books:
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