25 Real Life Math Investigations That Will Astound Teachers and


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Students are typically not given the opportunity to see the wondrous side of mathematics because it is often taught as all scales and no music. Help your students increase their financial literacy by exploring the dangers of short term loans, rent to own plans, and some types of home loans. Watch as mathematics shows the futility of depending on corn-based ethanol to lower our dependence on oil imports. Learn the surprising answer to how much money a hybrid car will save its owner because of reduced gasoline usage. Investigate math mistakes in the news media and their potential consequences. Read the true story of how a math mistake led to a commercial jet running out of fuel at 41,000 feet. Learn about the mathematics in music and scuba diving. These and other fascinating math investigations will allow students to see the power of mathematics as it cuts through deception and flawed thinking. Problems are presented at 4 levels of difficulty. Detailed solutions are provided.

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