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Helping Young People Cope


Everyone is struggling during this pandemic, especially our young people. This new book is for teachers, counselors, parents, and anyone supporting young people and teens. The book has five chapters with ten activity handouts per chapter. Chapters include Physical and Emotional Health, Safety, Money, Media, and Coping and each chapter has reproducible activity pages to use with an individual, class, or group.

How To Read & Report Nonfiction


The activities in this book will invite readers to use the elements of nonfiction as multiple points of view for understanding not only the texts, but how they think about them during various stages of the reading process.  The activities in this book will also encourage readers to use the structural dynamics of nonfiction as a basis for connotative understanding and interpretation. This book helps readers learn how to connect the elements of nonfiction into a unified narrative. These activities will help students come to a fuller understanding of the constructive nature of reading.  As students engage in the activities in this book, they will learn to move beyond the “limits of their literacy” so that they can discover how to develop more sophisticated understandings of nonfiction writings.

Differentiated Activities and Assessments Using Your State Standards


by Carolyn Coil – Differentiated curriculum calls for differentiated assessment. The assessments presented here are differentiated assessments. Using differentiated assessments leads to greater success and achievement on high-stakes standardized tests. Coil includes over 50 topics in language arts, math, social studies, science, and interdisciplinary topics.