Augmented Reality - The Rockwell Adventures

Augmented Reality – The Rockwell Adventures

Join the Rockwell family on their Top Secret mission to colonize a new planet.  This STEM-focused, curriculum aligned, fun-filled, augmented reality enabled educational tour of the Solar System teaches students basic facts about each of the planets, and challenges them to design a base that is appropriate for the planet they choose to colonize.  All versions permit unlimited copying for single classroom use.  Interior pages within the workbook are printed in grayscale for easy classroom reproduction.  Time to complete: Approximately 1 – 1.5 hours.  

Augmented Reality: Using the FREE Zappar Augmented Reality app for iOS and Android, students are able to scan selected pages of the book to view, interact with, and measure photo-realistic 3D models of each planet.  Measurements students’ record include documenting each planet’s temperature, diameter, length of day, surface type (solid, liquid, or gas), and measuring each planets’ gravity relative to Earth’s.  Based on what the students’ record in their notes after visiting and measuring each planet, they are asked to both choose a planet where they would build a base, and produce a sketch of this base.  Students are encouraged to design a base that will be able to accommodate the conditions they previously recorded on the planet they chose.

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